Photos from LA Decompression 2013, Lucidity Festival 2014, Ventura College Earth Day 2014, and 5 x 5 x 5 Performance Series curated by John White.

During the day at Burning Man, the TMSL will host performances, interviews, films, and talk shows etc based in the Camp of the Space Wanderer located on Rods Road and around 6pm.

At night, the TMSL will be roaming the playa and presenting more of the same!

Let us know if YOU want to be the content!




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So you want to be on TV?

“Be the content!” Do you want to be on TV? A really BIG TV (see photos)? Do you have an idea for a show? Would you like to host a show or a screening of videos? Do you want to be interviewed by Art Predator about your project on a LIVE TV talk show–a talk […]

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