How the Space Wanderers Foster Acculturation at Burning Man


The Burning Man Theme Camp Application asks us to address the idea of aculturation. Here’s one draft of our answer:

In 2000, a friend of Art Predator’s arrived on playa in his RV. A Silicon Valley executive, after a few days, he said he was leaving: he’d “been there, done that.”

She said, fine, but you’re still wearing regular clothes and viewing people through your camera. You’re spectating, not participating, and until you participate, you haven’t really “done this.”

He rode off on his bike.

A few hours later, he returned in a cocktail dress, gloves, and hat. He’d traded in his business clothes, joined a DPW parade, and stayed for the Burn. As he acculturated, he transformed inside and out. He left his job, and pursued his photography.

While our camp won’t be outfitting folks with a new set of clothes or career, we will help with stripping through the protective layers through more subtle means, and provide examples of how the 10 Principles operate on and off the playa.

Via communal effort, we thrive. Through Kidsville and other channels, our camp will reach out to all ages: from families with children or elders.  We have buttons to gift those who embrace our ethos of “Be The Content” and share their “radical self-expression” on the TV, we have badges for people who play chess, and we will have buttons for all the space wanderers who find their way through the chrono-synclastic infundibulum to the 54th Portal of the Soul.


Let us know what you think!

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